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VOS3000 v2.1.3.2

Created by: admin

Completed on: june 30, 2010



 Vos3000 v2.1.3.2

add bind number limit for phonecard

add number limit for phonebook

more detailed logs

integrate phone/gateway password

add routing inquiry

add switch gateway until connect

add time step for report and graphical display

change cdr/log maintenance in table mode

add auto lock function for client

seperate sip registration and line management

add weekly email

add support for conference

add over write support for mobile area

optimized soft switch performance

optimized ivr

support ani

support short number auto save

support equipment classify

support auto unbind

add support for kvphone

add continue duration (time elapsed from platform received to

call connected)

add audio traffic for current call

add conflict mode option for phone card

add alarm management

ip lib update to 2010-11-05

ivr support quick number

ivr support voice mail

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