VOS3000 v2.1.3.2

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 Vos3000 v2.1.3.2

add bind number limit for phonecard

add number limit for phonebook

more detailed logs

integrate phone/gateway password

add routing inquiry

add switch gateway until connect

add time step for report and graphical display

change cdr/log maintenance in table mode

add auto lock function for client

seperate sip registration and line management

add weekly email

add support for conference

add over write support for mobile area

optimized soft switch performance

optimized ivr

support ani

support short number auto save

support equipment classify

support auto unbind

add support for kvphone

add continue duration (time elapsed from platform received to

call connected)

add audio traffic for current call

add conflict mode option for phone card

add alarm management

ip lib update to 2010-11-05

ivr support quick number

ivr support voice mail

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Project Info:

VOS3000 is designed for carrier-class operations by Kunshi Network Technology Co., Ltd. In addition to providing Account Management, ExchangeRate Management, Rate Management, Package Management, Cards Management, Gateway Management, Phone Management, Softswitch Management, IVR Management, System Management, User Management, Data Query and Web Self-Service System, the system also integrates add-on modules like the Global Card Business System (support 10 million cards) and Extreme Media Proxy, for you to build a stable , reliable and High-Performance operating system. VOS3000 softswitch supports SIP/H323/SIP-H323, with capacity up to 10,000 concurrent calls. After rigorous testing, the VOS3000 softswitch proves to be a stable and reliable high-performance carrier-class sy

System Performance

Single server: >= 10,000 concurrent calls

Media forwarding capability: >=4,000 concurrent calls

Call per second: >= 1200CPS (4,320,000BHCA)

Protocol: SIP,H323,HTTP,TCP/UDP

System Features

* For VoIP operators

* Routing by ASR, LCR(least cost routing)

* Gateway group, preset profit rate

* Voice codec priority setting 

* Softswitch platform Control

* Support voice, fax and video calls

* Overload protection, load balancing, redundancy backup mechanism

* Card management business, achieve millions of global cards business model with IVR

* Efficient media access transponder modules, media forwarding up to 4000 concurrent calls

* Multi-server distributed placement, centralized management

* Excellent compatibility

* Multi-gateway encryption standard

* Connect analysis, interruption analysis

* Real-time monitoring for Call Performance

* Package features, providing daily, monthly, annual rent and other methods

* Add the phone area code automatically

* Only one number links you

* Value-added business expansion

* Best services and technical support


* Carrier-class VoIP operators.

* VoIP voice network construction and value-added business applications for Large Enterprise customers.

* Millions of global cards business system.

* Call Center, IP Enterprise PBX and other value-added services platform.

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Add muti-net support
Add registration signaling track
Add SIP100rel support
Add O port gateway both routing and mapping
Add ASR ACD report by area
Add agent refined access control(visual column can be defined)
Add unlimited rate sections
Add equivalent seconds of one minute for calling card rates
Add black and white list
Add quickly adjustment for rates
Enhance processing performance, lower CPU utilization
H323 Add Signaling choose for Caller(Calling Party Number/
Source Address) and Callee(Called Party Number/ Destination
Audition IVR
Ring Back Tone
Add Gateway Group
Add Audio Codec Priority Settings
Add Routing By ASR
Add Routing By Least Cost


Add Ctrl+C for cell copy in table
Add SIP and H323 Fax protocol conversion
Add length limitation for Gateway Caller and Callee
Add process number as local phone function for mapping
Add muti receive numbers for one phone
Add local ring settings for phone
Add IVR system information
Add Send CallProceeding Immediately function for mapping
Add more signal control for SIP to H323
Add SIP interface for balance query
Add MBX offline settings for gateway and phone
Add Expire time for Package
Add ringing into IVR process ability(Half direct dialing service)
Add Free Callee (which do not make CDR)
Update H323 H2250.asn H245.asn to enhance compatibility
Update IP lib to 2009/08/10
Update client’s JDK to 1.6
Fix Issue: some terminal can not register

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* Add Period ASR/ACD Analysis for Gateway
* Add Private Rate for Account
* Add Private Rate for Phone
* Add Floating Icon to show Current Performance
* Add Monthly Max/Min/Spending for Phone
* Add Make Zero Method for Account Payment
* Package support any number of Day/Month/Year
* Add Short E164 Display for Phone
* Phone card support Decimal Value
* Add Sold/Overdraft Property for Phonecard
* Phonecard support Add/Import
* Web support Period Report
* Phonecard support Short E164
* IVR support Inband DTMF
* Add Template/Schedule Service for IP PBX

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Add Bind Number limit for Phonecard
Add Number limit for Phonebook
More detailed Logs
Integrate Phone/Gateway Password
Add Routing Inquiry
Add Switch Gateway Until Connect
Add Time Step for Report and Graphical Display
Change CDR/Log Maintenance in table mode
Add Auto Lock function for Client
Seperate SIP registration and line management
Add Weekly Email
Add Support for Conference
Add Over Write Support for Mobile Area
Optimized Soft Switch Performance
Optimized IVR
Support ANI
Support Short Number Auto Save
Support Equipment Classify
Support Auto Unbind
Add Support for KVPhone
Add Continue Duration (Time elapsed from platform received to
call connected)
Add Audio Traffic for Current Call
Add Conflict Mode Option for Phone Card
Add Alarm Management
IP lib Update to 2010-11-05
IVR Support Quick Number
IVR Support Voice Mail

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