Vos3000, Voip server rent

VOS3000 v2.1.2.0

Created by: Admin

Completed on: June 30, 2010


Client: VOS3000 



Add muti receive numbers for one phone

Add local ring settings for phone

Add IVR system information

Add Send CallProceeding Immediately function for mapping


Add more signal control for SIP to H323

Add SIP interface for balance query

Add MBX offline settings for gateway and phone

Add Expire time for Package

Add ringing into IVR process ability(Half direct dialing service)

Add Free Callee (which do not make CDR)

Update H323 H2250.asn H245.asn to enhance compatibility

Update IP lib to 2009/08/10

Update client’s JDK to 1.6

Fix Issue: some terminal can not register


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